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Engeyo Ketta Kural Tamil Full Movie Watch Online

Enkeyo Ketta Kural is a Tamil film directed by S.P. Muthuraman, released in 1982. Itis a family-based movie. The movie stars Rajnikanth in the lead role with Ambika and Radha playing his love interests and Meena as Rajini's daughter. The movie proved that Rajini is not only an action hero, but an excellent actor when it comes to business. The movie did only below average business. Ambika and Radha are Rajini's cousins. Rajini likes Ambika but she does not because she wanted a wealthy life but Radha loved Rajini. Rajini did not accept her because of her silly things and she is younger than Ambika. Then Ambika was forced to marry him and to give birth to a child (Meena). Then she ran away with her boss son. Later everyone was sad and ashamed. Ambika's father wanted Rajini to marry Radha so that the child (Meena) would have a mother. He agrees and marries her. They lead a happy life. During the climax, Ambika reforms and wants to see her child (Meena). They saw each other and became to come closer. In the end, Ambika dies and Rajini does the funeral.

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